Konstantin ScherbakovOnce a “Superstar for insiders” (Die Welt), Konstantin Scherbakov is today one of internationally renowned pianists who take a special place in the modern piano world. His creativity and immense contribution to the piano repertoire and recording catalogue are undisputed. “One of the most capable, daring and interesting musicians of these days” – Peter Cossé , the famous German critic once described him.
Selfless dedication and uncompromising responsibility towards music and piano repertoire set Scherbakov’s priority throughout his thirty-years-long career. For him, being a musician first and foremost means to serve the music and not to stand in the spotlight. Viewing the pianist as an intermediary, communicating the message and intentions of the composer — that is the aesthetic concept that determines Scherbakov’s entire artistic path. An insatiable musical curiosity and an exceptional ability to quickly assimilate unconventional and highly complex texts, an analytical mind and unlimited virtuosity – these are the essential qualities that have accompanied Scherbakov on his journey across the ocean of piano literature.

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